The Village Veterinarian

306 North Main
Chatham, IL 62629


Gretchen and RoadieThe Village Veterinarian is pleased to provide you with a variety of resources that can simplify the process of  interacting with us and caring for your pet.  Here you can find ready made forms,  and a link to Care Credit - a financing option. 

New Client Form - This form allows us to collect the information we need to get you started as a new client.  You can fill out a paper form when you come in if it is more convenient.

Prescription Refill - This form allows you to request a refill of your pet's medication online.

Change of Address - For families on the move.

Request an Appointment - This form will start our reception desk on finding a you an appointment at your preferred time.

Care Credit - This is a link to Care Credit - a company that helps finance larger vet bills.  It can be really useful but it is another credit card so use it wisely